Do You Want to Learn Guitar In Birmingham?

Congratulations! You’ve had great luck in arriving at this website in your search for the best guitar lessons in Birmingham, England, so read on to see how I can help you

  • reach your guitar playing goals quickly and efficiently
  • avoid the pitfalls, distractions and dead-ends that can undermine your learning
  • implement strategies to successfully overcome the problems and difficulties you will encounter learning guitar
  • become the player you want to be

First let me ask you: What are your guitar playing Goals?

There is a lot of evidence that setting and managing goals is the best way to progress in every aspect of life, and playing guitar is no different. Probably you have clear and well thought out goals at the very highest level – after all you were smart enough to find this website. For example, there are perhaps guitarists in bands that express perfectly how you would like to play, or fantastic solo artists whose work you could imagine yourself performing or even creating if you only knew how to. These are fantastic goals that will produce the drive you need to succeed in your ambition to be a great guitarist and musician, and if you have goals like these then we really need to meet as you are the kind of guitar student I would really LOVE to help become the guitarist they dream of being!

The problem for many guitarists is that these ambitious goals DO seem like dreams – that they are unachievable. This gap between your desire to achieve your very ambitious goals and where you are today can create a huge problem of overwhelm and demotivation even for players who already have a good playing foundation. Did you ever feel this way when you were struggling to teach yourself, perhaps by trying to learn a Yngwe Malmsteen solo, or maybe when you were watching Eric Clapton play live?

Did you ever have thoughts like: “How am I ever going to be this good? Is it even possible to reach this standard for an ordinary person like me”?


Well, guess what – YES, IT IS!

That’s the good news. The challenge is knowing the path to reach those goals. It is possible to teach yourself to an amazingly high standard, but this choice commits you to a lifetime of very difficult and lonely study over many, MANY years – and crucially there is NO GUARANTEE that you will reach your goals. The uncertainty and cost in lost opportunity is far too high to make this a good choice if you are serious about developing your musical ability on the guitar.

Think of it like this.

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You are standing in a huge forest near the big old tree in the middle, and you’d really, REALLY like to get out before it gets dark. You’ve heard there are wolves around here… not to mention those rumours of the old witch with the gingerbread house. Leading away from the tree are lots of paths – after all it is a great place to come for a walk in the afternoon… if you know the way home. But you don’t. This is the great guitar tree in the heart of the great guitar forest and you woke up from a dream, and with a burning ambition to be a great player – all you know is you have to get out of the forest in one piece to make that a reality, and that there are wonderful sunlit meadows and streams of music waiting for you, if only you can find your way out of the forest. So you choose a path and set off. A few hundred yards along the path and already the forest is closing around you, and you see there is a fork in the road – which path do you go down? You wait and wonder – but you have no way to know which is the best way to turn – so you choose left… and come across a new fork only a hundred yards later! Already you are forced to choose again – and so it goes on. And soon you are lost. There is a chance you will get out of the forest –if the forest is not too big. But believe me this is one huge forest. This is a classic ‘random walk problem’ and the distance you are likely to be from the start only increases very, very slowly – in fact you can easily find yourself back at the beginning. The chances are if you are self -taught you have already experienced this feeling. Not a nice feeling.

What I can offer you are routes and plans and maps to navigate through the guitar forest and safely come out of the other side, in time for dinner, and without ending up as dinner for wolves. And I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Let me ask you another question: What does it take to become a great guitarist?

There are maybe a lot of things that come to mind instantly. You are going to need a great guitar right? Well, OK – but that doesn’t make you a guitarist. Of course, you will have to spend A LOT of time learning to play… but what exactly should you be learning? What specific things need to be accomplished and in what precise order? How long do you need to spend on each aspect? How does each part of the puzzle of learning guitar fit into the whole picture? It is impossible to figure these things out for yourself, no matter how long you are prepared to spend on YouTube.

And even if you were given all of these details – the steps to take, detailed plans of the relationships between concepts, batteries of methods for applying concepts musically - how would you know how to use them effectively without guidance? How would you know if your interpretation of the plans was as intended, how would you know if you were implementing a strategy effectively and not undermining its effectiveness through lack of subtle, key insights you are not aware of? You can’t know these things, and this is a key reason why choosing to ask for help from a teacher will guarantee you are learning optimally and efficiently, and not wasting your time AND MONEY.

Hold on there. How can SPENDING money on lessons SAVE money? Sounds crazy right? But it isn’t at all.

I already mentioned ‘lost opportunity’ and this is a key element of this – time stands in advance of money always. Say you spent two years trying to teach yourself guitar. Maybe you were playing an hour a day, and in the end you feel you are just wasting your time, getting nowhere, AND YOU GIVE UP. Then the sad thing is you DID waste all that time – and worse, if you had gone and got an evening job stacking shelves instead you would have EARNED THOUSANDS with that ‘wasted’ time. Of course, you would RATHER turn out as a great guitar player than spend your time stacking shelves – who wouldn’t - this is why you spend time on learning guitar, but please realise that your time is PRECIOUS – you LITERALLY CAN’T AFFORD to waste it not getting anywhere. And even if you eventually could achieve your goals by self-study I guarantee it will take years longer than with a good teacher at your side (remember the forest?). And those extra lost years of self-study are years of lost opportunity – time you could be spending out gigging and having fun and maybe even earning good money for your playing! This is why I believe it is VITAL for you from a financial as well as from an educational perspective to learn guitar from a teacher. And if you already spend time stacking shelves –use this as GREAT MOTIVATION to get working seriously on your guitar playing because the sky is the limit and you can transform your life through playing guitar. That's right...!


Hang on again – what about talent?

Don’t you need massive talent to be a great guitarist? Well, it turns out you don’t! More good news. What you do need is what I’ve spoken about – the drive and determination provided by compelling GOALS and a GUIDE who can keep you on the safest path through the forest!

Now let me ask you - How do you choose a guitar teacher?


There is a lot of choice in our region for guitar tuition and it is very confusing for people who are seriously looking into lessons to know how to choose a guitar teacher. However, here are some things to consider asking potential teachers.

  • First, ask if they have a clear plan for your playing development that has been proven to produce high quality results for students.
  • Ask if they have a support network that lies behind their teaching programme.
  • Then ask how they will know how you are progressing, and how they will be able to identify quickly and at an early stage if you are going off the straight path out of the forest.
  • And ask what strategies they have in place for dealing with the feelings of overwhelm and inadequacy we all face at times when taking on a huge project like learning to play guitar.

My unique experience, training and support network gives you the reassurance that you will be in good hands learning guitar.

There are lots of other relevant factors specific to your situation that you will have to consider when selecting a guitar teacher, such as where you are already as a guitarist, what your style preferences are and so on. And, recognising that the student- teacher relationship is a vital foundation for both parties, it is of the greatest importance that you have an opportunity to discuss these personal factors directly with potential teachers before committing to a programme of study.

So if you would like to meet to discuss your development as a guitarist with me at your side, guiding you through the great guitar forest, then please take up my offer to call me on the following number. I will talk to you personally and agree with you when we can meet at my studio to spend some time working out the best path ahead for you in developing your guitar playing. There is no fee for this initial consultation, and no obligation on you agree to take up tuition with me, so what have you got to lose?

I’m looking forward to your call and to meeting you in person. If you are ready to go ahead and take the next step to achieving your dreams as a guitarist click the gorgeous Fender® pick below. This will take you to the next screen where you can tell me a little about your playing goals, interests and current ability - it is OK if you are a total beginner! - after that the website will send me an email and I will get in touch with you by phone. If you prefer to just call directly my phone contact details are on the next page too - so click the pick to go ahead and take your next step to becoming a guitar star!

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